About the project

The project general objective is to support the implementation of innovative teaching methods, through integration of virtual and mixed reality (VR and MR) technologies in the educational approaches across Europe. The project general objectives will be supported through the successful achievement of three specific objectives:

  • ensuring high-quality and inclusive education, through enriching learning experiences while supporting effective use of digital technologies and encouraging activities that link learning with reallife experience, through the application of virtual and mixed reality;
  • empowering teachers and school leaders by strengthening targeted collaboration, learning networks, online communities and innovative pedagogical practices among teachers and school leaders, and involving other relevant stakeholders;
  • enhancing European cooperation in the field of school education through building a European Network for VR Technology in Education for establishment of closer contacts between European schools stakeholders, teachers and school leaders, and supporting policy reforms in the educational field.

The target groups of the project will include:

  • Disadvantaged groups of students in schools, such as children with difficulties in learning, within culturally diverse communities, as well as those with physical disabilities.
  • Teachers from all school grades, more specifically those teaching subjects in geography, history, nature and human sciences, ITC;
  • School leadership and networks, specifically school managers, influencers in the field of school education, policy and decision makers.

The project will carry out a total of six intellectual outputs for upgrading and complementing the existing platform for virtual reality in education IEDU360. They will follow a strict timetable and will deliver the following results:

  1. Review of the schools curriculum of the countries included in the project, and shortlisting of lessons for VR/MR adaptation.
  1. Developed assignment for 360° VR and Mixed Reality Modules Software Development.
  1. Upgraded IEDU360 platform with three new features – teachers and homework tool, Mixed reality tool and 360° VR video content feature.
  1. Mixed reality and 360° VR video educational resources database established.
  1. The European VR and 360° Image Bank upgraded and enriched within the IEDU360 platform.
  1. Developed Standard IEDU360, containing quality standards of 360° capturing and the VR and MR content.
  1. Established and operational European Network for VR Technology in Education.

All results and lessons learned will be disseminated in a total of six dissemination events in all partnership countries. The project will build upon and complement a cutting-edge approach to teaching, learning and developing of the educational approaches to the schools. The virtual and mixed reality technologies have a growing and disruptive impact of the digitization of education. Thus, the innovation will respond to the rapidly changing demands of learners and teachers. It will bring the technological and digital developments to the hand of the teachers, by providing them tools for innovative teaching methods.

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